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Dinner at Keikarou restaurant (Tokyo summer trips)

This time I attend to go to Arashi Kokuritsu concert, unfortunately I can't got ticket concert because it so expensive that could not pay it. I'm really love my boys but not much budget to paid it. I spend money for Arashi Goods stuff instead 
Hood Towel (Kokuritsu limited version) 2,800 yen(日本製) with decorate by Rainbow ribbon and embroidered lovely cloud(Arashi 10~11 Tour "Scene" 君と僕の見ている風景) it's very popular and sold out after that, 
I also bought penlight, pin 4 sets(kokuritsu limited),T-shirt, keitai strap 

Sep 05,2010 I would like to go to dinner at Keikarou (Aibachan's family restaurant) I got a train(keiyou line) from my friend's home at Shin-Urayasu that very near Maihama station(Tokyo disney land) but I not easy if you not want to change train. First stop I visited JR Kaihinmakuhari Station for visit outlet store that I had been here 4-5
years ago

Matsu Outlet store

Very tried for looking around here and very hungry, I took a train from Kaihinmakuhari to Soga,and change a train from Soga to Chiba, took chou line from  JR chiba eki to MakuhariHongo.

Yes, it here(JR Makuharihongo eki) but I don't know the way to go to the restaurant. I asked taxi to go there and go by Taxi instead.I have good experience about Aiba chan from Taxi diver(He talked about Aiba chan when he was young and when back his home, normally he lives in Tokyo) Restaurant is not so far as I think !! OMG it's here Aiba Otosan & Okasan restaurant, but must waiting I knew that everybody waiting to go inside today just take time to waiting about 30 minutes. But forgot it at all very enjoy to looking abound this is Aibachan's mother land. 

My menu tonight 

Ebiyakisoba+chomai+I forgot name+Macha Icecream(in heart bow)(^-^)

Aiba's fans present, I love Aiba's bears and patchwork picture

This is Keikarou limited T-shirt(made in Japan) price 3,980 yen and Model by Aiba masaki desu~

So much Happy night go home with nice sleep tonight(Sep 05),sayonara KEIKAROU san will visit you again next time..
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